Saturday, 28 May 2011

The Opposite of LOVE the continue of episode 1

And I, too, am adorned in condiments. The ketchup on my white tank top makes it look like my heart is leaking.
"This was never going to be forever, happily ever after sort of thing.You knew that," I say, though it is clear from silence and from the last few days that he did not. I wonder if he wants to hit me. I almost wish he would.

Seems strange now that I didn't realize this moment was coming, that I hadn't started practicing in my head before yesterday. I'm usually good at endings-pride myself  on them , in fact - and i always find  people disingenuos when they claim that a breakup came out nowhere. Nothing comes out of nowhere, except for, perhaps, freak accidents. Or cancer . And even those things you should prepared for.

I guess I cloud have just let the weekend unfold,followed the original plan with military precision, and woken up tomorror with Andrew in my bed and his arm thrown across my shoulder. Later, at work, I would have been able to tell some funny Labor Day anecdote around the proverbial water cooler, the weekend always better in rose-colored instant replay. But though i firmly believe that a tree does not fall( be continue later)..

have to study
bye peps!!!!

Sunday, 22 May 2011

Tomorror is my Mathematics Exams!!!!!....arghhhh!!!

OH MY GOSH!!!!...tomorror is my maths exams...paper 1 n paper 2......i hope i past all of it.....well good luck for me.......btw good luck to all of my friends out there(that knows me only).....

ok thats all have to study for it...bubye!!!